Protects against common cold viruses

Protects against common cold viruses

ColdZyme® is a mouth spray that treats and alleviates common cold. ColdZyme® is unique as it works immediately to create a protective barrier between you and the cause of the cold, the actual common cold viruses.

ColdZyme® has a triple action:

  • PROTECTS against common cold viruses
  • Helps SHORTEN THE DURATION of a cold if used at the early stage of infection
  • ALLEVIATES common cold symptoms

ColdZyme® can be used before and during infection by adults and children from 4 years.
ColdZyme® is a CE-marked medical device, How ColdZyme® works

How ColdZyme® works

ColdZyme® is unique because it acts against the cause of the cold, the cold virus itself. ColdZyme® is easy to use and acts immediately by forming a protective barrier in the oral cavity and throat.
The barrier works by capturing cold viruses and deactivating the virus' ability to infect cells, so that the body can get rid of the virus naturally. ColdZyme® protects against cold viruses, relieves cold symptoms and can shorten the course of the disease when used at the early stages of a cold. ColdZyme® is available in 20ml and 7ml packs.

The ColdZyme® barrier consists of, among other things, two ingredients that together provide effective protection






Glycerol creates an effective barrier in the throat that traps viruses.



Trypsin inhibits the viruses’ ability to bond, deactivating their ability to infect cells.



The ColdZyme® barrier protects the oral cavity and throat.

When to use ColdZyme®

Start using ColdZyme® as soon as possible after the symptoms of common cold appear or if you are at risk of possible exposure to common cold viruses.
Continue to use ColdZyme® until the symptoms are relieved.

When to use ColdZyme®

The above symptoms are examples of first signs of a common cold

How to use ColdZyme®

The use of ColdZyme® is very easy, just read the instructions for use below. Of course, if you need more information on ColdZyme®, read on.

Coldzyme® video

1. Open your mouth and aim the nozzle towards your throat

2. Press down on the pump and spray 2 times (1 dose) every second hour up to 6 times daily during the time you are exposed to the cold virus or until symptoms are relieved.

instructions for use

Product Information

ColdZyme® 20ml / 7ml

Glycerol, water, a natural enzyme - cod trypsin, ethanol, calcium chloride, trometamol and menthol.

ColdZyme® is lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and contains no preservatives.

Storage and sustainability:
ColdZyme® must be stored at room temperature, max. 25°C.
The shelf life is 36 months from the date of manufacture.

For expiration dates, see the bottle or the underside of the package.
The same shelf life applies to opened and unopened bottles.

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What is Trypsin?

What is trypsin?

In the 1970s, the Icelandic researcher Professor Jon Bragi Bjarnason noticed that staff in the fish cleaning company had unusually whole and soft hands.

Given that they cleaned fish, their hands should rather have been cracked and sore. Was there anything in the fish that seemed protective?

The answer was yes.

The research group was able to show that in some cold-adapted marine organisms such as cod there is an enzyme with good protective barrier properties. The development work eventually led to a world patent for the marine enzyme cold-adapted trypsin. The enzyme is extracted as a by-product in the preparation of cod and therefore does not burden the marine ecosystem.